Welcome to Jody King!

i2i welcomes new team member Jody King.

DSC_8351 copy (1)_klein Connecting with your customers – whether they are consumer/business, or internal/external stakeholders – is what drives Jody.   He believes that it is the customer, not the technology, who is at the heart of any new innovation.  And it is they who will ultimately decide its success.

He is a Marketing and Communications consultant who can provide Strategy, Product Development and Implementation advice.  He specializes in Telecommunications having gathered experience on premier brands such as 3 Mobile, Telecom NZ and Deutsche Telekom.

His experience is complemented with over 13 years in Advertising with leading agencies including Saatchi & Saatchi and DDB.

Include Jody as early as possible in your product development lifecycle to be sure that your product meets with a receptive audience.

i2i promotes Hybridserver at Angacom

June 9th till 11th saw Cologne (Germany) hosting the Angacom again, Germany’s largest exhibition for broadband and content.

Hybridserver had decided to have their first official appearance at this event, and i2i organised and ran this first promotional activity.

Conference visitors were very interested in  Hybridserver’s new generation of servers, as they exceed the performance of standard servers by a factor 100! This means not only lower hardware costs, but also less space and less energy.

This performance is going to revolutionize the global server market. Stay tuned!

IMG_20150609_115354 IMG_20150610_151438


i2i to promote Whisbi

Whisbi is a global provider of innovative omni-channel SaaS solutions that help businesses increase online sales conversion, monetize web visits, make retail operations more productive whilst offering a customer experience with a unique differentiator value. It’s the only solution in the market that can synchronize a normal phone call with video, co-browsing, chat and tracking in real-time. As part of the unique customer experience, companies can automatically ‘teleport’ their online visitors to stores or showrooms, where sales reps can use the camera of smartphones or smart glasses to showcase physical products to web visitors via real-time video.
With a store experience 100% online, e-commerce sales conversion will be closer to in-store conversion than to the online rate.
Among the existing references are brands like Vodafone, KPN, O2, Fiat or Jeep, who have at least doubled their sales conversion rates thanks to the Whisbi effect.

i2i’s global team will work with Whisbi to introduce this solution to businesses all over the world.



Jason Coss joins i2i team

Jason Coss Jason is an international business development professional with over 20 years of experience in international B2B sales and marketing. He has an accomplished track record of identifying new opportunities and bringing them to market.

Jason is recognized as a creative, autonomous, and results-driven professional with excellent analytical and problem-solving skills. With his experience in a private equity-focused financial advisory firm specializing in management buy-in and buy-out transactions, he is also very practiced at dealing with C-level executives.

i2i to cooperate with Simartis

Simartis, headquartered in Bucharest (Romania), has decided to use i2i to help with the business development for their innovative technologies.

Simartis’ innovative solutions help mobile operators to drastically increase conversion rates of mobile campaigns. Several operators globally have already adopted this solution and benefit from improved profitability of their retail business.


i2i welcomes Timo Vainionpää!

Timo PB_smallAn entrepreneur and engineer, Timo has over 30 years experience in the telecom sector. He founded AurorA International Telecommunications Inc. in 1994 to provide wholesale international telecom services to carriers in Canada, the U.S.A. and overseas.

After graduating from the University of Waterloo with a BASc (Applied Science) he began his career in telecom at CNCP Telecommunications Inc, Bell Canada & General DataComm before being an executive at ACC TeleEnterprises. He has held board positions on several private and public companies in Canada and in New Zealand.

Timo resides in Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and will take care of the North American market on behalf of i2i’s clients.

i2i to exhibit at BREKO Broadband Fair in Darmstadt



Come and see us and many exciting technical innovations!


i2i at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona

Also this year i2i attended the leading global event for the mobile industry, the MWC in Barcelona.

Takemetuit, one of i2i’s clients, exhibited at this event and presented for the first time their revolutionary indoor positioning technology to the public. i2i supported Takemetuit by networking with industry contacts and identifying relevant players in this market.

This year’s MWC saw 93,000 visitors from all over the world – a record.

According to Ovum , the five key trends this year were:

  • The focus of mobile operators – in terms of opportunities for growth – is shifting to the enterprise market
  • Consolidation in the telecoms–technology sector is inevitable
  • Operators’ visions around virtualized networks are starting to crystallize
  • 5G is increasingly being seen as a network platform for IoT
  • The relationships between OTT players and operators are becoming stronger

For more details see here


i2i attends TEC 34 in Frankfurt

i2i partner Shankar Mondal attended the 34th Telecommunications Executive Circle in Frankfurt. The topic of the C-level event was “Services as Innovation Drivers”.

Apart from the interesting discussion, the event also offered the opportunity for networking on behalf of i2i’s global clients.


An Indecent Proposal – Why pure Commission Based Remuneration won’t work

Time and again we come across start-ups that expect us to do their business development and sales on a pure commission basis. Here is why this won’t work.

There are literally thousands of high-tech starts ups all over the world. But how many of them manage to survive and become successful? In the US, 90% of high-tech start-ups are failures, and it is fair to assume that this figure also applies to other countries. The reasons for failure are manifold: wrong product, wrong target group, wrong business model, wrong timing, wrong team, or a combination of all these.

Everybody seems to be aware of these statistics – except start-ups. Now, it is of course understandable that a founder believes in his own innovation and its success. Otherwise he wouldn’t get started in the first place.

But start-ups need to take a step back and look at things from an external perspective. And from that perspective, there is a 90% chance that the start-up will fail – even if everybody involved believes in the concept of that particular innovation.

Therefore, expecting someone else, who has no stake in the start-up, to do business development and sales purely on commission basis, is expecting someone to work for free with a likelihood of 90%. I call that an indecent proposal.

It seems amazing that in the year 2015 it is still necessary to explain the importance of a professional and structured market development – and that it doesn’t come for free. But I could give numerous examples of start-ups that failed because of exactly this misconception. And that is not only a pity – it is totally unnecessary!

Involving a professional business development specialist will cost money – but it will drastically increase the start-up’s chance of survival and success.