Welcome to new team member Ivan Sølvason!


Ivan Sølvason has founded numerous high tech companies after being editor-in-chief for a computer magazine for 6 years. In 1988 he founded the world’s first interactive television program, using touch-tone technology to remote control a live program on air. Two years later Hugo was created and was an instant hit among TV viewers – during the next 14 years, the show was sold in 43 countries, and 10 million computer games on 5 different platforms were sold in 14 different languages.

After exiting his company to a venture capital company, he founded GoIP International, a white label VoIP company, where he worked with his team to market this technology into over 30 countries, working closely with Deutsche Telekom on several clients. GoIP International company was backed by a venture capital company with over 3,2 million dollars.

On the development side, Ivan invented several second screen convergence technologies for television and educational purposes.

Ivan lives in Copenhagen (Denmark).