i2i welcomes Michael Burger

i2i has the pleasure of announcing a new addition to its global team.
Michael Burger is a sales expert with years of experience in the ITC industry. He specializes in key account management and the acquisition of new customers. He also has several years of experience in CRM and in the design of distribution processes. He is also spezielisiert on FTTH networks on the commercialization and development strategy.

In the past 9 years Michael has worked at A1 Telekom Austria as International Key Account Manager and at Wien Energie GmbH in the field of FTTH networks.

i2i at Capacity Amsterdam

i2i supported Packetfront Software at the recent Capacity Amsterdam. This is one of the leading telecom events in Europe, uniting many carriers for three days of networking, trading and updating.

Packetfront Software promoted its leading edge software among the European telecom operators and generated many leads and follow-ups.



i2i represents TakeMeTuIt at Luxury Interactive in New York

TakeMeTuIt, a Canadian tech firm, has developed a unique solution that allows locating customers and items inside a store with a precision of 10 cm in three dimensions. This accuracy will revolutionize retail operations by making the shopping experience more satisfying for the customer and provide more accurate data on customer behavior.

i2i represented TakeMeTuIt at the Luxury Interactive Conference in New York that deals specifically with state-of-the-art technologies for luxury brands. i2i both manned the booth and gave a presentation on the topic at the event, which took place at the prestigious Rockefeller Center.

Many leads were generated and the interest of the industry (in particular of the large retailers) in this solution was considerable.

IMG_20141015_093955 luxinteractive2014


i2i attends TEC in Frankfurt

i2i managing partners Ulrich Hammerschmidt and Steve Donald attended the 32nd Telecommunications Executive Circle in Frankfurt on September 24th.

Apart from some very animated discussions around the German telco market, regulation and market trends, the event also gave ample opportunity for networking.  Many interesting contacts were made and will be followed up.


Who is more important – me or me?

As an entrepreneur with a start-up, you have to wear multiple hats: technology and product development on the one hand, marketing and sales on the other (and don’t forget tax and book keeping!).

Many start-ups have a strong focus on the development of a technology. And this makes absolute sense. Without a product you got nothing to offer.

However, with time the focus has to also include marketing and sales. Questions like “What will I offer to whom at what price?” have to be answered before approaching the market.

Many will think we are stating the obvious. But we have encountered simply too many start-ups that think that once the development work is done, customers will come by themselves and produce a flood of orders. Unfortunately, this happens very rarely.

Most of the time, a lot of sweat will be required to position a product in the market – no matter how brilliant it is. And many times, at the end of the technical product development, all the initial funds have been used up and nothing is left for professional marketing and sales.

Therefore it is a good idea to set some business development funding aside right from the start, keeping in mind that the first sales cycles will be very long and require quite some financial endurance on the part of the start-up. Very often more than the technician in you might expect!


i2i to support Cumulo’s Business Development

Cumulo Information System Security from Linz (Austria) provides state-of-the-art internet security solutions. Their Nimbusec Website Guardian is an advanced solution to detect malicious code and manipulated websites. Nimbusec helps enterprises to protect customers visiting their website, but is also important for non-profit organisations like political parties, who want to immediately be aware of any tampering with their web presence.

Manipulated websites can cause big damage – Nimbusec provides instant alerts to minimize the damage.

i2i will assist Cumulo in promoting its Nimbusec solution globally.


i2i associates joins AWS

“Austria Wirtschaftsservice” (AWS) is one of the leading incubators in Austria. It provides advice, support and financing to innovative start-ups all over the country.

i2i associates has now joined the panel of advisers available to start-ups for support and guidance. With many of the team members having many years (if not decades) of experience in helping start-up get off the ground, and with its global focus on the ICT market, i2i will be a perfect addition to the capabilities of AWS.


Government Support for Start-ups – a reality check

Most governments are intent on helping start-ups off the ground and foster entrepreneurship. They create agencies, committees, funds, incubators – creativity abounds!

These institutions receive funding and lots of verbal shoulder clapping. But the road to hell is paved with good intentions!

The money drip provided by the government becomes a drug and the main “raison d’être” for many institutions. Instead of helping entrepreneurs, they spend most of their time (and resources) with political trench fighting.

And when a start-up from their community does succeed commercially, there are immediately half a dozen proud fathers (i.e. government institutions) coming out, claiming responsibility for that success.

We are not denying the need of support to entrepreneurs. Quite to the contrary! But we have to question the feasibility of “too many cooks in the kitchen”.

Sometimes less is indeed more!

i2i joins ITC Incubator

i2i has joined ITC, the Upper Austrian incubator for IT and telecommunication technology. Lots of smart stuff happening in that part of Austria that waits to be taken international!

ICT logo


Welcome to Thomas Engelke!


Thomas comes to the table with a long history of international business relations. During his University time Thomas successfully positioned US companies like Supermicro Computer Inc. in the european market,  through the U.S. Department of Commerce’s Gold Key Services Program.

Thomas has more than 20 years of international business experience in industries like hardware, software, consumer electronics, medical technology, finance and energy. He has proven again and again his deep understanding of technology and in particular he has helped companies to move into a better future. Thomas holds a dual US/German citizenship.